Final Brainstorm

Initially, I wanted to work on a type of “true mirror” that would allow you to see yourself un-mirrored and speak about issues surrounding identity but I realized a lot of people do mirrors for their midterms and finals.

Tom suggested in class that I find inspiration in the things I’m interested in. Here are a few of those things: Music, the news,

My new concept is to do an installation incorporating p5.js elements that demonstrates how similar some songs are to each other. Using a system of buttons and faders, the viewer will be able to interact directly with the piece, selecting a song to play and then sliding the fader to hear the similar song.

One of the first steps I’m taking is to start collecting and researching songs that sound the same. The point of this project is to allow the listener to hear how remarkably similar two songs are. For example, “My Sweet Lord” by George Harrison is very much alike “He’s So Fine” by the Chiffons.

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