Final Concept

For my final, I’ll be combining ICM and pComp, making a sort of sound installation out of a cigar box. I went through a few different ideas for the layout of this idea. The p5.js element will interact with a fader on the box and fade between one song and another very similar song. The point of the project is to demonstrate how alike two specific songs are and allow the user to fade between both songs to hear the similarities. I’m hoping to keep the whole project self contained in the cigar box but I’m worried I won’t be able to do that because I’m of the p5 element. A small LCD will show the album cover of the song playing and then as the fader is moved, slowly change into the other album cover of the other song. The image will fade in the same way the music does, mixing slowly and morphing into one another.

Or I could make it a stream of conscious sort of radio and try to have all the songs sound alike. I’m not sure I can find that many without resorting to solely folk music or a music genre that really does all sound the same and may be redundant! I could risk having the interactive sense of the project get lost because the user doesn’t do as much just turning a dial instead of pressing buttons and faders. One this is for sure, I am going to find most of my reference from music of the 50’s through the 70’s, so I’d like to keep the whole thing feeling very retro.

Depending on how I have the interface set up, I may have to add different p5.js elements. I’m torn as to whether I should have the box start playing music automatically when it’s opened or if there should be an on/off button. There should be a way of preloading all the songs but having them both play at once and you only hear one song when the fader is all the way to one side. When the fader is slid in the other direction you begin to hear the other song fading in slowly.

I need to have both songs play at once in the script in pairs at a time, so I’ll need a preload function. I suppose I’ll need the same for all the video’s so I wonder how extensive my library has to be. There will also need to be a function for fading the set of songs that will be serially connected to the Arduino interface. The music will be connected and played through a headphone jack so the songs can be played through headphones for an intimate experience of through a set of speakers for a more juke box feel.

What I realized through user testing is that I need to have some sort of engraving of instructions somewhere that clearly implies that two songs are being loaded at a time and the object is to fade back and forth to hear the similarities.




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