ICM Conclusion

Showing my final ICM project to the class allowed me to see some changes I need to think about when combing this sketch with an Arudino based interface. The p5.js sketch for my ICM final is exactly the way it will look when I combine it with a physical interface. The buttons on the screen were added to illustrate the way the interface will look once it is fabricated. All I’m going to need is the image of the album covers fading and the sound to function through p5.js for my pComp final.


  1. On either side of the slider I want to have all the original songs on the left and all the rip offs on the right. √
  2. Slider should start on the left side when the sketch is opened (doesn’t really apply once I have a physical interface) √
  3. Get rid of the Stop button and combine a Play Button with a Pause function
  4. Add master volume (needed for physical interface)

Updated Song List:

SpiritInTheSky 1969 BabyDidABadBadThing 1995
RunThroughTheJungle 1970 TheOldManDownTheRoad 1985
HesSoFine 1962 MySweetLord 1970
UnderPressure 1982 IceIceBaby 1990
YouNeedLove 1962 WholeLottaLove 1969
AmericanGirl 1976 LastNight 2001
SweetLittleSixteen 1958 SurfinUSA 1963
MaryJanesLastDance 1993 DaniCalifornia 2006
BrownSugar 1971 WalkAndTalkIt 1972
LadyMadonna 1969 WhatIGot 1996
DontStopTilYouGetEnough 1979 SteppinOut 1981
TwoPrinces 1991 SemiCharmedLife 1997
Mmmbop 1997 UnPretty 1999
PumpItUp 1978 GetOnYourBoots 2009
ObLaDiObLaDa 1968 WhyDontYouGetAJob 1998
IWontBackDown 1989 StayWithMe 2014
Taurus 1968 StairwayToHeaven 1971
TheAirThatIBreathe 1974 Creep 1993
PictureBook 1968 SaladDays 2014
TomorrowNeverKnows 1966 LetForeverBe 1999
LittleMermaid 1989 Nude 2007

One problem I’ve had since the conception of this idea is the what I’m going to call this project. When trying to come up with a word for the “sound-a-like” song on the other side of the slider I realized that this was part of the problem I’m having with a title. I don’t know what to call the song that songs like the original. And further than that, I don’t know what to call the project itself!

On the left side will be “Original Songs” or just “Original” so the listener knows what they’re listening to, so that they are grounded in the experience, and so hopefully, it will be obvious what the intent of the installation is. On the other side…here are my ideas:

Copy-written, Plagiarized, Trademark, RipOff, Similar, Doppelgänger, Sound-a-like, Imitative, Copy, Stolen, Ripped

For the name of the project itself I want something more than just a one word descriptive  title. A few weeks back I presented a few options for the title in ICM, I’m not really happy with any of the names I came up with. Perhaps this part will come together once I put together the pComp side of the project.

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