Serial Problems

I’m having a lot of trouble making a serial connection between my Arduino, the three buttons, and my p5.js sketch. Here is my current Arduino sketch:

const int pinButton2 = 2;
const int pinButton3 = 3;
const int pinButton4 = 4;
int lastButtonState = LOW;
int buttonPressCount = 0;
void setup() {
pinMode(pinButton2, INPUT);
pinMode(pinButton3, INPUT);
pinMode(pinButton4, INPUT);
void loop() {
char incoming =; // read incoming bytes
if (incoming == 'P') { // if you get P
digitalWrite(2, HIGH); // Play is Pressed
int currentButtonState = digitalRead(2); //read the play button
if (currentButtonState != lastButtonState) { // if the button changed
buttonPressCount++; // increment buttonPressCount
Serial.print('P'); // send a P
// int stateButton2 = digitalRead(pinButton2);
// int stateButton3 = digitalRead(pinButton3);
// int stateButton4 = digitalRead(pinButton4);
// Serial.println(stateButton2);
// Serial.println(stateButton3);
// Serial.println(stateButton4);
// delay(20);
lastButtonState = currentButtonState; // save the current state for next time
// int sensorValue = analogRead(A0);
// Serial.println(sensorValue);
// int sensorValue1 = analogRead(A1);
// Serial.println(sensorValue1);

(Based on this code)

And my p5.js sketch is here.

Every time I press the button on my breadboard I get a serial monitor reading of “P” but then I get another “P” when I release the button as well. This is making the song clips play twice and distorting the sound heavily in my p5.js sketch. Although, now I’m not getting anything on the p5.js side since I changed “1” to “P” in the .js sketch.

Button Press from Marco Wylie on Vimeo.


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