Similarity JukeBox

My song comparison box has finally started to come together. Although I haven’t figured out one section of code on the p5.js side that will let the physical fader control not only the sound but the album display, the rest of the functionality seems to be working.

What I hope to convey with this project is how similar two songs can be, using clips of the songs to emphasize exactly what sounds the same between the two.

I’ll be running the p5.js script through an old iphone¬† which will be fastened to the interface shown in the video below. All I need to do is figure out the following:

  1. How to get the songs to play in the order I wanted and not randomly after pressing the next button.
  2. How to map the tint function in p5.js so that the fader works with the album images as well as the song clips.
  3. How to properly fabricate everything so that it fits neatly inside the cigar box.

A p5.js functional sketch version of the project can be seen here.

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