Skill Builder# 2 – 2.5 CNC machine

Using this small mill machine was a lot of fun once I was able to figure out how to use it! Initially I wanted to make an Ace of Spades card out of the yellow acrylic but Ben pointed out the “A”s were too small for my bit to handle so I went with a lightning bolt and cloud instead. One mistake I think I made in the process was creating a 1 pt stroke around my cloud and lighning bolt which made the line way too thick. As a result, my final piece came out really rounded and you can see how thick the line was cut out when I put the cloud piece back in the spot it was taken out of (see picture in album). I certainly learned a lot and next time I’ll be more careful about how I put together my illustrator file. The video documentation is sped up 300%.

I found the icon through google images here and separated the lightning bolt from the cloud in illustrator to load it into the Bantam program.

2.5 CNC Machine

2.5 cnc machine from Marco Wylie on Vimeo.


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