Final Proposal – Inspiration & Ideas

While thinking about what I want to do for my final I came across this amazing video using video mapping and an amazing dancer.

I’d like to incorporate music — possibly the song “Summertime” by Janis Joplin since it’s been in my head ever since this class started.  In order to include aspects of live music I assume I’ll have to use a MIDI interface of some kind. I found the video below to help me with that kind of set up.

Maybe I could do a live manipulation of that song that visualizations. Otherwise, I think I’ll expand this idea to include a live instrument perhaps. I like the idea of projection mapping and I wonder how I could include that in my performance. It would be interesting to use a person as a blank slate and map on certain images to their body while moving. Or something like this:

On the other hand, I really enjoy some performance art pieces that involve the audience so I may want to incorporate that aspect somehow. One thing I need to know is what my limitations are with Isadora. I want to use this program primarily but I’m not sure what I can and cannot do with it in terms of musical interfaces and projection mapping.



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