First Finished Product – Mel N. Colly

2018-10-01 15.04.23

I decided to go with Delrin for the final product because I wanted to revisit the 4-Axis machine and because I wasn’t very happy with the quality a 3D print puts out. So, starting with a 3″ by 6″ piece of white delrin, I took the first VectorWorks CAD model I created because the mouth was bigger and the bend in the bottle shape was more what I was looking for.

2018-10-01 15.15.43

In Roland I added supports and made the size bigger to avoid a long milling time.

2018-10-01 15.17.06

I had to position one of them so that it wouldn’t cut into the bottom angle of the piece, making it hard to sand it down.

2018-10-01 15.23.44

In preview mode it looked good to go so I started the process. 3.1 hrs.

2018-10-01 15.30.46

Made a center hole.

2018-10-01 15.37.25

And loaded the Delrin,

2018-10-01 15.46.01

Set the X axis.

2018-10-01 15.47.35

And the Y at the center of rotation,

2018-10-01 15.51.56

And started milling.

2018-10-01 15.50.27

I forgot how much the 4 axis spits out on the first go.

2018-10-01 15.53.44

Roughing took a majority of the time.

2018-10-01 16.54.55

Finishing only took about 20 minutes.

2018-10-01 19.27.36

Once it was done it took roughly 4 hours and I was happy with the results.

2018-10-01 19.34.49

2018-10-01 19.34.53

2018-10-01 19.34.57

2018-10-01 19.39.53

Even though the mouth couldn’t cut a thin agle at the corners, the gradient it created sort of looked like the inside cheeks of a dogs mouth and I was fine with it.

2018-10-02 15.47.15

I chopped off the supports on the band saw and got out my multiple grades of sandpaper to smooth it down.

2018-10-02 16.17.20

Then it was dye time. Using Jacquard Fabric Dye ( and a cheap pot and strainer, I brought a pot of water to a boiling point.

2018-10-02 16.28.14

Then, added the color intensifier and stirred thoroughly.

2018-10-02 16.28.45

Then the color packet.

2018-10-02 16.29.02

Stirring until thoroughly combined.

2018-10-02 16.30.31

It was the weirdest smelling sauce I ever made.

2018-10-02 16.31.50

Plopped the milled Delrin into the boiling dye keeping it from hitting the bottom of the pot with a strainer.

2018-10-02 16.31.52

Set a timer for 30 minutes and stirred frequently.

2018-10-02 16.31.57

After half an hour I took out the piece and washed it under warm water.

2018-10-02 17.00.53

The result was pretty orange but not as orange as I wanted.

2018-10-02 17.07.12

It wasn’t very sturdy on the table so I sanded it down a little more,

2018-10-02 17.08.27

so that I could get rid of the tiny bulge at the bottom that was preventing it from sitting up straight.

2018-10-02 17.08.40

Back in the pot, to a boiling point for half an hour more.

2018-10-02 17.11.14

Every now and then I needed to add water to the pot to maintain coverage of the Delrin.

2018-10-02 17.30.08

Half an hour more proved to be a great idea.

2018-10-02 17.50.03

I got a nice Nickelodeon orange and the cap from a real pill bottle fit perfectly.

2018-10-02 18.07.17

Then it was time to print out the sticker label I created in Photoshop.

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 19.00.24

Borrowing many pieces from a real Walgreen’s label,

2018-10-02 19.23.43

the sticker printed with low ink, unfortunately, and smudged easily the first time around.

2018-10-02 19.30.28

So I printed another one with different printer settings and with the absence of color ink the print out needed to be dried and probably wasn’t going to get much better than this without more ink, different settings or a divergent approach.

I have to wait until the morning for it to dry.

Upon further thought, I want to explore transfer stickers because I’m worried about how I’m going to create an attractive bend in the vinyl sticker over the mouth to create teeth. I also don’t know if it needs teeth. It may be torn strategically at the mouth.



2018-10-02 20.55.44

An hour later I took another look at the printed stickers and tried peeling it off only to realize I had printed on the wrong side!

2018-10-02 20.58.44

So I printed out a sticker and cut out a mouth,

2018-10-02 21.03.14

and even though I had low ink, it printed pretty well and got a good idea of where I want to go from here.

2018-10-02 21.03.54


      • Add pills to the base
      • Sturdy the base with aluminum
      • Add cut stickers as eyes
      • Modify two models to lean back better
      • Buff models to glossy shine
      • Add lips and creases to the VectorWorks model to ennunciate emotion
      • Alter sticker mouth to include happy and side mouth curves
      • Cut cartoonish tongue stickers
      • I’m curious about this process but I feel like I’ll screw it up

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