Escape Room Field Notes

Worse escape room in NYC….

My wife and I went to EscapeBurg’s newest room “The Bunker” which was a Russian themed experience that unfortunately, trapped us in the room even though we completed it. For a whopping $80, we were forewarned that some of the puzzles were glitchy and that they were still working out kinks…not a great way to start. Most of the interactives were roughly 3D printed and hard to read. Some puzzles were really far-fetched. It was definitely one of the worst ones I’ve ever played.

Surprisingly, you were encouraged to use your phone to research the historical lineage of the Russian government, as well as for flashlight purposes…I’m not sure why they didn’t just work finding a source of light into the puzzles. I thought the whole point of doing an escape room was to detach from your phones and participate in a group activity. When we got locked in at the end, they had to shut off the whole room, leaving us in the dark for a few minutes and then never apologized for taking our money to be their user testers…it was pretty outrageous!

That all being said…the rules of the room were as follows: don’t move anything that doesn’t move easily, don’t climb any furniture, don’t force anything into another thing if it’s not working…a lot of don’ts.

The best part of the room(s) was the decoration and theme. The design was very much like a Russian Bunker. Although we had a dance dance revolution broken interaction which made absolutely no sense thematically.

The puzzles were, for the most part, matching up the current date with a series of numbers written on a bench. It wasn’t very clever, and there was one interface that included an ipad and asked you multiple choice questions about Russia but there was no consequence if you got the question wrong so that was pretty lame.

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