First Finished Product – Mel N. Colly

2018-10-01 15.04.23

I decided to go with Delrin for the final product because I wanted to revisit the 4-Axis machine and because I wasn’t very happy with the quality a 3D print puts out. So, starting with a 3″ by 6″ piece of white delrin, I took the first VectorWorks CAD model I created because the mouth was bigger and the bend in the bottle shape was more what I was looking for.

2018-10-01 15.15.43

In Roland I added supports and made the size bigger to avoid a long milling time.

2018-10-01 15.17.06

I had to position one of them so that it wouldn’t cut into the bottom angle of the piece, making it hard to sand it down.

2018-10-01 15.23.44

In preview mode it looked good to go so I started the process. 3.1 hrs.

2018-10-01 15.30.46

Made a center hole.

2018-10-01 15.37.25

And loaded the Delrin,

2018-10-01 15.46.01

Set the X axis.

2018-10-01 15.47.35

And the Y at the center of rotation,

2018-10-01 15.51.56

And started milling.

2018-10-01 15.50.27

I forgot how much the 4 axis spits out on the first go.

2018-10-01 15.53.44

Roughing took a majority of the time.

2018-10-01 16.54.55

Finishing only took about 20 minutes.

2018-10-01 19.27.36

Once it was done it took roughly 4 hours and I was happy with the results.

2018-10-01 19.34.49

2018-10-01 19.34.53

2018-10-01 19.34.57

2018-10-01 19.39.53

Even though the mouth couldn’t cut a thin agle at the corners, the gradient it created sort of looked like the inside cheeks of a dogs mouth and I was fine with it.

2018-10-02 15.47.15

I chopped off the supports on the band saw and got out my multiple grades of sandpaper to smooth it down.

2018-10-02 16.17.20

Then it was dye time. Using Jacquard Fabric Dye ( and a cheap pot and strainer, I brought a pot of water to a boiling point.

2018-10-02 16.28.14

Then, added the color intensifier and stirred thoroughly.

2018-10-02 16.28.45

Then the color packet.

2018-10-02 16.29.02

Stirring until thoroughly combined.

2018-10-02 16.30.31

It was the weirdest smelling sauce I ever made.

2018-10-02 16.31.50

Plopped the milled Delrin into the boiling dye keeping it from hitting the bottom of the pot with a strainer.

2018-10-02 16.31.52

Set a timer for 30 minutes and stirred frequently.

2018-10-02 16.31.57

After half an hour I took out the piece and washed it under warm water.

2018-10-02 17.00.53

The result was pretty orange but not as orange as I wanted.

2018-10-02 17.07.12

It wasn’t very sturdy on the table so I sanded it down a little more,

2018-10-02 17.08.27

so that I could get rid of the tiny bulge at the bottom that was preventing it from sitting up straight.

2018-10-02 17.08.40

Back in the pot, to a boiling point for half an hour more.

2018-10-02 17.11.14

Every now and then I needed to add water to the pot to maintain coverage of the Delrin.

2018-10-02 17.30.08

Half an hour more proved to be a great idea.

2018-10-02 17.50.03

I got a nice Nickelodeon orange and the cap from a real pill bottle fit perfectly.

2018-10-02 18.07.17

Then it was time to print out the sticker label I created in Photoshop.

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 19.00.24

Borrowing many pieces from a real Walgreen’s label,

2018-10-02 19.23.43

the sticker printed with low ink, unfortunately, and smudged easily the first time around.

2018-10-02 19.30.28

So I printed another one with different printer settings and with the absence of color ink the print out needed to be dried and probably wasn’t going to get much better than this without more ink, different settings or a divergent approach.

I have to wait until the morning for it to dry.

Upon further thought, I want to explore transfer stickers because I’m worried about how I’m going to create an attractive bend in the vinyl sticker over the mouth to create teeth. I also don’t know if it needs teeth. It may be torn strategically at the mouth.



2018-10-02 20.55.44

An hour later I took another look at the printed stickers and tried peeling it off only to realize I had printed on the wrong side!

2018-10-02 20.58.44

So I printed out a sticker and cut out a mouth,

2018-10-02 21.03.14

and even though I had low ink, it printed pretty well and got a good idea of where I want to go from here.

2018-10-02 21.03.54


      • Add pills to the base
      • Sturdy the base with aluminum
      • Add cut stickers as eyes
      • Modify two models to lean back better
      • Buff models to glossy shine
      • Add lips and creases to the VectorWorks model to ennunciate emotion
      • Alter sticker mouth to include happy and side mouth curves
      • Cut cartoonish tongue stickers
      • I’m curious about this process but I feel like I’ll screw it up

Ideation & Mockups

Pinocchio Window – gets bigger when people text a lie, smaller when they tell the truth. (Created by Jiyao)

Mechanical Arm Game – use an interface to pick out who you would want to work with you on a team. To portray gender bias. (Created by Hau)

Psychic / Fortune Teller Window – press hands to have your palms read (Created by Nathier) several mockups below.



Vectorworks Pill Bottle

While making my final draft CAD model in VectorWorks I ran into some challenging problems, especially when creating the mouth with two NURBS curves. But before I tackled that, I wanted to get the basic bent shape of the pill bottle like the initial sketch.

Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 12.35.01

I used the proportions of an actual pill bottle, 2″ x 1.5″ After making a circle the diameter of an actual pill bottle, I extruded it to the corresponding and used the Deform tool to create the bent shape at the top and the bottom.

Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 13.04.33

Then, using two NURBS Curves I created the shape of the mouth,

Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 12.52.18

And a bend to the bottom of the bottle.

Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 13.22.06

I needed to connect both curves to create a single object because I couldn’t extrude two lines without making it a solid shape, but in the process I ran into a lot of problems trying to combine the two end points. I was able to combine one side but VectorWorks would not let me connect the other end no matter what I did.

Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 13.22.14

Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 13.59.32

I tried to simply move the end points onto each other and combine into surface,

Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 14.10.53

but I kept getting the error shown above.

Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 15.02.30

Trying again with the NURBS curve I was able to connect the top end points but then once I tried connecting the bottom ones, I got the following  error.

Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 13.59.40

Having spent way too much time trying to address the numerous NURBS problems, I started remaking the mouth with angles.

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 16.34.24

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 17.14.24

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 16.33.30

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 16.35.03

After playing around with angles, straight lines connecting them, and reshaping them I ended up with two versions of the mouth but settled on the left one.

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 17.27.30

Then it was time to down size the mouth to the pill bottle.

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 23.35.01

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 21.33.22

Below is the process for removing the bottom of the model by subtracting a square from the curved piece.

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 21.21.52

I realized the curve I put on the back of the mouth was in the wrong shape.

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 21.41.28

So I went back in and added the curve in the other direction.

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 23.20.34

Positioned it in a place where I thought the mouth should go,

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 23.36.32

And voila!

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 23.37.12

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 23.51.53

I was happy with the result, however, I wanted to try and add more curves to the back of the mouth so that the angle wouldn’t look so machined.

Screen Shot 2018-09-25 at 16.06.03

Using the fillet edge tool, the back, curved end of the mouth was effectively softened around the edges.

Screen Shot 2018-09-25 at 14.11.44

I placed it within the new but nearly identical pill bottle and exported my file as an .stl to move it to Ultimaker Cura in order to 3D print.

Screen Shot 2018-09-25 at 14.29.20

With the file saved to High quality I started to print, not noticing until half way through that the top of the mouth wasn’t going to print properly. I kept going none-the-less because I needed to get a prototype primed and painted.

2018-09-25 17.58.33

Once it was done printing I immediately noticed that the mouth was not cut all the way through on the sides.

2018-09-25 17.58.41

Not to mention all the plastic that dripped through the part that failed during the printing.

2018-09-25 17.58.46

I tried getting a picture where you can see the mouth looking funky.

2018-09-25 18.05.20

After slicing away at the stringy part inside the mouth, I placed the cap on top and thankfully, I had measured it just right so that it fit with ease.

2018-09-25 18.14.51

But I didn’t want the logo on the cap so I started to sand it off with a high number grit. It looks white in this picture.

2018-09-25 18.14.57

But it actually looks like this.

2018-09-25 18.33.07

So I tried many other grades of sandpaper.

2018-09-25 18.33.11

And eventually ended up with this. So I’m now considering putting a vinyl sticker on the top or painting it white.

2018-09-25 18.42.47

Now it was time to primer.

2018-09-25 18.49.47

And after an hour or two I spray painted it orange.

2018-09-25 18.50.00

But this is not the exact color I want.


I learned a lot for this weeks assignment.

  • I want to try to mill this piece on the 4 axis
  • The model I’ll try to print next will be the first mock up without the rounded edge mouth.
  • I need to fix the model so that it is sturdier when placed on the table (I think the first mock up will stand on it’s own better than this one.
  • I want to try dying delrin after milling on the 4 axis
  • Vinyl stickers need to be designed and placed properly.
  • Pills as a stand and as decor need to be modeled eventually.
  • Need to focus on what orange I want if I’m going to continue to 3d print.

Sculpting The Toy

I changed the idea for my toy since the last assignment. Initially I had an idea to have a bottle of pills and a group of four pills with different personalities, but then I thought the pills would be so small, I wanted to work on a slightly bigger scale.


So then I changed it to a series of four different pill bottles with personalities based on what the medication creates.


One of the mock ups, the Prozac pill bottle, made me laugh and I settled on a group of four Prozac bottles, all laughing except for one that’s crying as well. (All housed in a medicine cabinet)

Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 14.14.03

Since I have experience with VectorWorks, I quickly created two cylinders and pulled them by .5″ and 3″. For this mockup I didn’t include the spring and have since decided that I might not want to take that approach because it could look kitschy.

Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 14.19.21

Once I placed the two together I realized the body needed to be cut in half so I copy and pasted the 3″ cylinder and created a 1″ and 2″ to create the mouth.

Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 14.23.42

After creating the mouth I rotated the top half to add expression. It should look like it’s laughing.

Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 16.00.42

After adding all the shapes together and saving as a .stl I brought my file into Cura.

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 15.46.55

This screen shot is for the low resolution print which I didn’t end up with because I wanted smooth edges.

2018-09-17 16.02.16

The whole process took 5 hours. Almost immediately I noticed that the size of the bottle was way too big. I realized that I had haphazardly created the circles in an unknown size that I eyed out.


Once my print had finished it confirmed my thoughts about the size of the bottle. I want it to be true to size and am now considering kit-bashing with the cap or the body.

Another thing I realized was that the position of the bottle as straight up and flat on the table didn’t give a lot of emotion to the laughing that’s supposed to be going on.

I didn’t include eyes in my 3D sketch because I wasn’t sure about what I want to do with them yet.


The back of the head didn’t work out so well in the 3D print, probably because of the angle of it.

Going back to my CAD sketch, I tried playing around with the Fillet tool and gave a rounded edge to the upper lip.

Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 16.19.33

But once I tried making the bottom lip rounded I lost the whole head!

Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 16.19.46

Unfortunately, when I tried to play around with the shape of the body by using the deform tool, I kept getting a “deform tool failed” error.

2018-09-18 18.26.46

I wanted to create an angle at the bottom of the model so I started trying to sand off the material with sand paper by hand. That didn’t work out so well so I moved on to clamping it to the table and bringing it down with a metal file.

2018-09-18 18.26.55

This proved to be laborious and I applied too much pressure at one point and it snapped a bit of the mouth.

2018-09-18 18.27.00

Despite breaking it a little, I learned that I want all 4 toys to have a different bend or angle to the bottom to differentiate them.

2018-09-18 18.32.13

2018-09-18 18.32.18

Next, I wanted to try and alter an actual pill bottle.

2018-09-18 18.32.21

After heating the plastic up with a hair dryer, the mouth was cut with an sharp knife and bent back.
2018-09-18 18.32.45

Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 20.32.02

Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 20.48.26

In VectorWorks, I tried making some pill shaped objects but found that I wasn’t getting anywhere trying to make an oval and a round rectangle rounded on the sides but I kept getting a “Edge Filleting Fail”. Even when creating a 3D sphere, I couldn’t find the right tools to manipulate them into a pill shape.

2018-09-18 18.37.37

Finally, taking some modeling clay, I sculpted some eyes to mess around with the expression of the character.

What I got out of this exercise:

1. The scale of the toy should be true to size.
2. Kit-bashing is something I might want to explore
3. Each toy should have a slightly different stance
4. Eyes might want to be closed
5. Details like teeth, maybe a tongue, pills coming out of the mouth should be added
6. Label should be added (need to work this part out)

Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum

Upon exiting the subway station and seeing the statue of Theodore Roosevelt, I immediately became flooded with memories of seeing the outside of the Natural History Museum as a child. I was always enamored by the size of the building and excited about revisiting the space center.

Natural History Museum

Right inside, not a lot had changed.

Natural History Museum

After buying a ticket I headed toward the first exhibit.

Natural History Museum

The hall of African Mammals.

Natural History Museum

I’ve seen these diorama’s many times.

Natural History Museum

And remember thinking, as a kid, how hyper realistic the scenes were.

Natural History Museum

After the elephants, I wandered through the Hall of African Peoples.

Natural History Museum

The colorful displays were very informative with easy to read descriptions.

Natural History Museum

The diorama’s in this hall reminded me of the ones in the hall with the elephants.

Natural History Museum

Although I still didn’t read through the entire paragraph, I found it easy to read with a nice font choice on a simple white background, lit up.

Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum

To the point.

Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum

Nice description, perhaps a little too much text though.

Natural History Museum

A beautiful blue diorama.

Natural History Museum

With a nicely lit description.

Natural History Museum

Once I got to the Hall of Asian Peoples, strangely titled “The Lure of Asia”, I started noticing that the diorama’s started getting busy and cluttered with hard to read text.

Natural History Museum

Above is a picture of “The Georgians” display.

Natural History Museum

In my opinion, there is way too much text here, and the descriptions of each artifact seen at the bottom is so small and illegible against the strange green color chosen as a background.

Natural History Museum

The description didn’t even include text about what is in these little slim pockets on this shirt, which I found to be a drag.

Natural History Museum

Down the hall, things got sketchier. This window display had only half of the show lights working.

Natural History Museum

And this display features the text on the side walls, making it really hard to read.

Natural History Museum

When looking closer, it seemed like part of the ceiling fell down!

Natural History Museum

Hard to read text on the side wall.

Natural History Museum

More examples of text heavy and cluttered window design.

Natural History Museum

Oddly placed text with strange color choices.

Natural History Museum

Dense and text heavy descriptions.

Natural History Museum

Can you find the text in the window above?

Natural History Museum

Way too much text and very hard to read.

Natural History Museum

This display looks more organized but the text is hard to find in this case and they used a very hard to read color and font size.

Natural History Museum

I snapped a photo of this because I loved the way they played with perspective within the space. It’s clear and to the point with no need for much explanation.

Natural History Museum

To the left of the window above the hall looked uninviting and I wasn’t sure if I should even go down there. Exhibits were on display but the lights were off.

Natural History Museum

I don’t even know what’s happening here.

Natural History Museum

I couldn’t take a good picture without including my legs in the shot, but as you can sort of see, the blue lit up text is not lit up consistently and the text everywhere is cluttered and hard to read.

Natural History Museum

Moving on to the Eastern Woodlands Indians, which I mistook for the Hall of Northwest Coast Indians which is being renovated (perhaps that why I couldn’t find it), I noticed a few changes to the exhibit design.

Natural History Museum

An intense smell of a 1970’s basement hit my nose, and everything looked vintage.

Natural History Museum

One of the worst thing I found were these paintings of Native American’s by colonialists that seemed inappropriate because there was nothing in the exhibit that talked about all the horrible things the colonialists to them.

Natural History Museum

Another example.

Natural History Museum

I stared at this one for a while. It really took me into the space.

Natural History Museum

Right around the corner, the Hall of Pacific Peoples, had a very different feel. As I began thinking about the museum as a history of exhibit design I certainly felt like this was a newer and included more information about each object.

Natural History Museum

A glimpse down the hall where everything was well lit and inviting.

With all of this in mind, and with respect to the Hall of Asian Peoples, I would certainly make some changes. There were so many wonderful things on display but too many missed opportunities to explain their relevance and describe the history behind it in a clear way. A general renovation of the space surrounding the windows allowing visitors to walk through inviting, well lit spaces would be beneficial. Including some aspects of interactivity might make it more fun for kids. I would also change the font, colors, and font sizes on almost all of the windows making it easier to obtain information about what’s in front of you. To break it down:

  1. Renovate the halls to allow better light for the flow of movement for visitors and to highlight each window.
  2. Change the color of background walls and font style, color and size.
  3. Add an interactivity element to engage younger visitors
  4. Simplify the body of texts for each window and put windows into a series together that make sense in a narrative.

Before I left, I couldn’t skip a visit to the big bang theater. The feeling of this wing was drastically different than the other exhibits I had just walked through. Everything was very “high tech” although navigating up to the theater seemed confusing to some people. There was a “no exit” sign at the bottom of the ramp down from the theater that people just flat out ignored, walking up the ramp only to be turned away from a security guard at the top.

Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum

Blank Modification

2018-09-06 17.42.08

With the three blanks provided to us, laid out on the table in front of me, I started sketching out ideas of how I could use juxtaposition, appropriation, emotion, and complexity.



With this sketch in mind, I quickly brought one blank to the shop and chopped its head off.

2018-09-10 16.36.11

Taking some spray paint I had at home, I painted the head red and wanted to play around with a full gold body or a half black half gold one in case one didn’t end up like I wanted it to.

2018-09-10 16.47.40

And what do you know…I didn’t love the way the black and gold paint job turned out initially…but then I thought the solid gold one was kind of boring.

2018-09-10 21.32.54

To add the first element of emotion I took the two main bodies back to ITP to sand down the bottom. It proved to be a bit difficult to get the angle correct so that the model wouldn’t fall over. I only sanded one as a result, because I didn’t like how much of the body had been taken off in the process.

2018-09-11 19.14.39

The model would fall down easily so I knew I had to balance it somehow with the head in its arms.

2018-09-11 19.29.13

I started with the nails since I would need a lot of surface area to rest the wood on in order to get the nails in properly and bend them into arms with a pair of pliers.

2018-09-11 19.29.24

A second after I took that photo… it’s arm fell off.

2018-09-11 19.32.20

Out with the glue!

2018-09-11 19.33.37

The red head would bit fit inside a tiny box.

2018-09-11 19.34.03

With dead eyes.

2018-09-11 19.36.29

I super-glued the box to the nail hands…

2018-09-11 19.38.30

Fit some soldering wire around the antenna…

2018-09-11 20.02.47

And then went to get some tin foil to make a cape out of.

2018-09-11 20.03.25

The head moved around too much so I put a little paper towel inside to stay in place.

2018-09-11 20.07.43

But then I realized that the box, when open, blocks the eyes and face completely!

2018-09-11 20.08.51

So I cut off the sides.

2018-09-11 20.08.55

And I like how it came out!

2018-09-11 20.10.27

My cape was open on the side,

2018-09-11 20.10.56

So I took some of these heavy duty adhesive and proceeded to spray it all over my hands and get it all over the place and that was a disaster for 5 minutes. I remade the cape and ran into the same problem, which led to making it into wings instead, and I’m pretty happy with the result!

2018-09-11 20.22.28

2018-09-11 20.22.35

2018-09-11 20.22.46