Teddy’s Bar and Grill

For this weeks assignment I decided to write a narrative experience of a historic restaurant that happens to be my favorite local joint. Teddy’s Bar and Grill was established in 1887 by an Irish family, later becoming one of eleven tasting rooms for Peter Doelger’s Brewery around 1910. To this day, it remains the oldest bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

When I moved to this part of Brooklyn about 10 years ago, Teddy’s was a neighborhood staple. Before all the condos and high rises appeared in the surrounding area, this restaurant always catered to the local crowd and was run by a woman named Felice when I started frequenting the place.  Most of the interior remains the same which makes it a prime location for film scouts due to the prohibition style floors, ceiling and bar.

Unfortunately, when looking for what I based my whole presentation on, I realized that there’s no proof of it anywhere on the internet! Teddy’s had a picture on their wall when you first walked in of a car crash. One day I looked harder at the photo and noticed that it had the Peter Doelger’s sign and it looked like the crash happened right where I was standing!



Hourly Comic – A day with the fam.

For this project I chose Saturday, Feb. 3rd to record every hour of my day from when I woke up way too early and took Benadyrl to catch a bit more sleep to the long car ride home after celebrating my Aunt Lucille’s 70th birthday upstate.

6 AM

Tony, my dog, started barking in his cage which prompted an allergy attack. After walking him I took some Benadryl and went back to sleep.

10 AM

Woke up to this crazy face lying on my feet.

11 AM

Burnt my bagel but that’s ok I kind of like it that way.

12 PM

My sister, wife and dog all hopped in the car to go pick up my mother in Manhattan to drive upstate for the party.

1 PM

Almost to the garage to swap out cars and pick up Ma.

2 PM

Everyone’s in the car that we need. Stopped for gas and Tony fell asleep.

3 PM

Singing along to Motown songs.

4 PM

Arrived earlier than expected…my sister was not amused.

5 PM

The drinking begins after a light Antipasto.

6 PM

Zuppa as a second course, and the wine keeps coming…

7 PM

My cousin Joey wants all the Bolognese.

8 PM

It’s getting to be a very Italian situation in here…

9 PM

An hour later, we’re still eating salad. I think the restaurant is starting to get annoyed with us…

10 PM

Before the cake, we dance.

11 PM

We say our goodbyes, stuffed and tired out.

12 AM

Tony’s tired and ready to go back to Brooklyn.

1 AM 

Still driving…rehashing everything that just happened.

2 AM

Dropped off Ma, swapped cars and heading over the bridge to be dropped off by my sister.

3 AM

Bed time for us all! Finally!