Week 4 – The Color Of Me

I found a color inspiration through West Side Story, the canals of Venice, Italy, and from some of my pictures on Instagram I took while traveling abroad in 2012. My main color scheme consists of an orangish red, a bright blue, black, venetian pink, and an off whitish yellow.

After playing around in Coolors.co I found the names of the colors in my palette that consists of the following:

Vermillion Red, Celestial Blue, Raw Sienna, Mustard, and Eerie Black

E83413, 4392CC, DE835C, FEC65B, 1B171F


Then I used a website called Pattern Cooler to create collages with the color palette.


Week 2 – Signage

Unsuccessful Signage:

Above we can see an example of a sign that does not clearly state what the name of the store is, what it sells, and what the sign even says! The lettering used makes it pretty much impossible to decipher what the last word is especially.

When I take a closer look, the sign says “Love Pink Posh” with a heart as the “o” in “Posh.” It’s a horrible design because it doesn’t give the viewer any clue about what the store is selling. The first two words feature an upper case first letter but then the last word is in all caps. It’s just a mess! In very small black lettering underneath the last letter of the sign it says “boutique” in all caps but it’s very easy to miss, in fact, I didn’t notice it until I zoomed in on the picture above.

To fix the image, I made the text much clearer to read. I incorporated the heart in as the “o” in love and made the words “Boutique” legible so that you can clearly understand what the store sells. I’m inclined to say the last image would be the best for the store because it simplifies it and makes it easy to take in. The first image would also work, but for some reason it still seems really wordy. If it were my store, (I would rename it entirely!), I would take a few words out to make it a simpler design.

Now, upon second thought, I think the above picture would be best to redesign the sign. It incorporates the word pink in the color of the text and image, and love in the symbol of the heart around the text. The only word I left in was Posh, and added below it “Boutique.” I think provides a clear example of what the store is selling and incorporates aspects of the original wording of the sign.

Here is another example of signage that is misleading — it happened when I was watching a program with limited commercials but it would flash before you for only 3 or 5 seconds and every time I saw it I would read it as “you are reduced to watching commercials” instead of what it actually says. I just thought that was interesting. I would design it differently by taking out “with” and putting “commercial” below “reduced” to allow your eye to follow the wording nicely.

And here is another since the one before that was found inside and I was having trouble uploading photos to the blog due to a dreamhost HTTP error… The white lettering was a poor choice because you can’t read what it says well.


Here are some examples of great signage!

You can’t really see it here because I took the picture when it was dark out but it’s a really nice sign for a tequila bar.

Here’s another sign for “Rosario’s Fish Shack” also taken at night but it’s really beautiful and plays with color to create a summer vibe.

Both examples are to the point, accurate about what the restaurant offers, and really aesthetically pleasing.


ICM – Week Uno

I’ve never written code in my life…I’m a little scared….¬†Although I’ve managed to complete the quiz with relative ease, it took me quite some time to really understand what I was doing. I ran into the following problems when trying to complete my little monster:

I’m trying to add a yellow background color to my script and I keep getting this error:

Here is what my script currently looks like:

It is my understanding that the background color should be listed under function setup, and it appears that I have it in the right place. Now that I’m looking at the error code again it refers to an “unexpected token” in line 6, column 14 so I’m assuming one of the numbers is incorrect. What is even more distressing is that I tried editing this from a previously correct example named “Zoog” so when I refer to that one and correct it, my error still pops up! I have to admit, I gave up on the problem and started to watch the instructional videos which gave me some confidence to create a monster from scratch.

As a side note, I should mention that when creating the reproduced olive I ran into a problem making the line red. This was because I was putting “fill” instead of “stroke” (see below) Now I understand that order is very important.

………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..Just from playing around with Javascript for the first time, I’m starting to realize it’s massive functionality. The possibilities seem endless and it is both exciting and overwhelming. Although I’ve only scratched the surface of p5.js, I can already tell that it will enable me to create interactive webpages, the likes of which I never knew I could code myself! Having a creative website to illustrate the work I will do in this program will certainly help my endeavors. I can see how javascript will make it possible to have a unique online presence.