New York, New York

This weeks assignment had me listening to Chimamanda Adichie’s TED Talk  “The Danger Of a Single Story”, This American Life: “The Super (chapter 1: The Super Always Rings Twice)”, and Salt Institute “Dissecting Dead Animal Man”.  While I had listened to the first two before, the Sal Institutes podcast was very interesting because it gave me a sort of directors cut of the narrative and really enabled me to understand how to breakdown an interview with someone. The way that Ira Glass goes about coloring in the story for the listener is very ornate. The sound clips that he uses and why he uses them at certain parts was very interesting to learn about. Hearing what Chimamanda had to say about the problems that arise when you only get one viewpoint of a story had me involve my wife in my assignment this week because I wanted to get at least two perspectives on what it is to be a “New Yorker” from someone who was born but not raised here and ended up living in Brooklyn — whereas, I was born and raised here and haven’t left…yet!

Credit where credit is due: Sound effects from here and here.