Character Turnaround

One of my sketches in class included this odd looking figure with hot teeth.
IMG_20180909_0001 copy

So I sketched a bit to try and get perspective drawings of the character.


I found myself wanting to recreate it on the template sheet and was happy with the first redesign.

Trying to get a perspective from all angles of my character was a bit difficult as I’m not an avid illustrator.

Hot Teeth Scan

I scanned the sketch and brought it into Photoshop to resize each perspective.
Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 13.48.10

And ended up with a scaled character turnaround.

Hot Teeth

Composition – ITP Winter Show

Here is my process for creating the ITP Winter Show postcard.

I used a breadboard and some electrical wires to make the lettering.

After playing around with the lettering on grid paper, I realized that I wanted to use the ITP font (Gothic) so I reworked it to look as similar as possible to that type style.

Then I finally ended up with this concept after a lot of toying around with the color and different versions of the same kind of picture. (dreamhost is turning out to be nightmare host…they won’t let me upload any more pictures right now or else I would have shown the whole process).