Week 3 – Typography & Expression


Sketches for the redesigned boarding pass:

I used Illustrator to start playing around with the information given:

I went through a lot of different designs before I came to what I think is the best one!


I wish I could have had more time to put some of my ideas for expressive words into After Effects, but I’ve never used the program and I didn’t have enough time.

Here are some ideas I had that work well on paper as is. One of them I made a video of to give a little more animation to it. I also added a few sketches I had for words that would have worked better if I added animation to them.

2017-09-26 23.13.46 from Marco Wylie on Vimeo.

Reeperbahn Regular

(This is Reeperbahn font taken from here)

Below are some ideas I had: