A trip through time

Now that I have my MIDI keyboard working with Isadora, I had a good idea for an installation based on the passage of time viewed from an old train. I plan on visiting the Transit Museum in Brooklyn to take a, possibly panoramic, picture of the inside of an old train with the a good view of the windows from inside. Then, using the piano keys, I’d generate different video’s of interesting landscapes and such happening outside the window. Depending on what key you press, a different video will play. With the knobs on the keyboard, I plan on altering sound or certain parts of the videos, live. Using found footage on youtube of old cable car rides through Brooklyn and abandoned subway stations throughout the tri-state area, I’ll make an interactive subway ride traveling through time.

Memory Box

In response to our visit to the City Reliquary Museum, I decided to create a narrative experience around a memory box I’ve been keeping since I was a kid. A couple of times a year or so I’ll add an object to the box – it’s now overflowing with things. These are a few keepsakes that I grabbed at random from it.

(In order to see the descriptions of the memory associated with the picture you have to make the slideshow fullscreen…or click here.)

And a funny thing happened when I started taking photos. I realized that I have the same sticker in my high school wallet from 2000 that the City Reliquary Museum has on the scavenger hunt cards they gave us! It’s the same 15th Anniversary sticker…Maybe that’s why I was drawn to this memory box as an assignment?