pComp Week 2

Here’s my simple application of a switch LED.


  1. Why would you want a series setup over a parallel? I understand why you would want a parallel for a setup similar to a kitchen where you wouldn’t want a lightbulb to go out that would make it so you couldn’t use your microwave.
  2. When do you want to use amps vs volts on the multimeter?
  3. Does it matter which side of a resistor is plugged into the breadboard? (does the gold band have to be on a specific side?)

I really like this quote from the reading this week:

“Good design means that beauty and usability are in balance. An object that is beautiful to the core is no better than one that is only pretty if they both lack usability.”

I also was able to make to LED’s light up individually on the board based on a parallel grid with two systems.